Kobe Guest House MAYA


Have "Something Ordinary in Kobe" on your trip!

For many years, Kobe has flourished as a cosmopolitan port city, where it has been deeply influenced by many people from overseas.
Sannomiya, specifically in Kobe, is at the center of the cultural crossroads.

Guesthouse MAYA is right in the heart of local town Nada area at the foot of the stunning Mt. Maya, not far from Sannomiya.

Suidosuji Shopping Street, the old-fashioned and very vibrant "kitchen" of Kobe, is only minutes away from the guesthouse.
You can taste the best what Kobe have to offer. The locals are friendly and have a very down-to-earth attitude.

We'd love to be your “gateway” to experience the real local life.

Where to go and What you'll find:


- Take in the gorgeous view of the city and the sea from the top of Mt. Maya, easily accessible by hiking or cable car.
- Visit the Oji Zoo to see the Pandas
- Visit Art Museums to experience the local art scene
- Take a stroll into the town for a unique blend of modern and old-fashioned Japan.
- Enjoy eating and shopping in Suidosuji Shopping Street.


- Take a break at your favourite cafe.
- On your way back to the guesthouse, relax in Sento (public bath house) just like the locals do, and stop by a restaurant or bar, where you can enjoy great food and sake (alcohol) with the neighbourhood.

We welcome you to our lovely town because we are your gateway to the authentic experience.

Live with us and experience like a true Kobe local!

[Join the local experience in Nada!]

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Night tour

Food walking tour


When renovating our Guesthouse, it was a former clinic loved by the locals for many years, we were careful to retain its original architectural features.
You can stay in the rooms or dorms and use the shower rooms in comfort.
From your room, or the rooftop, you can easily see the Hankyu Railway, Mt. Maya and the Ferris Wheel at Oji Zoo.
There is a communal area on the first floor, where you can relax, chill and get to know other guests.
Without a doubt, the special spiral bench will tickle your curiosity!
You can also enjoy our special coffee, if you would like.

6 Mixed Dormitory

There are 3 bunk beds, with the character and a warm wooden feel.
Using stairs it is easy to access the upper bed.
Each bed includes a reading light, electrical outlets, curtains, and a lockable box.
The entrance door is locked by a digital lock for the safety and security.

6 Female Dormitory

There are 3 bunk beds, with an adorable lodge-like roof and you can feel the privacy of your own space.
Using stairs it is easy to access the upper bed. There is also a powder room.
Each bed includes a reading light, electrical outlets, curtains, and a lockable box.
The entrance door is locked with a digital lock for extra safety and security.

Single Room

Single Room

The room has a Semi-double bed.
Enjoy the beautiful view of Kobe with the Hankyu Railway and Mt. Maya from the large window.

Multi Room (2-4persons)

The room is spacious and has a unique design on the roof and inclined wall.
A beautiful view of Kobe with Hankyu railway and Mt. Maya from the big window.
You can have a relaxing time in the room.

Double Room

The room has a Double bed.
You can have a relaxing time in this spacious private room.


  • Lounge

    You can enjoy eating, stay cozy, chill and meet other people staying in guesthouse.
    The special spiral bench and UFO style speaker tickle your curiosity.

  • Kitchen

    Guests can cook in the kitchen and also enjoy free tea. The kitchen is equipped with kitchenware, cutlery and tableware. There is a communal refrigerator.

  • Showers and Toilets
    Showers and Toilets

    Please be informed there are no private showers and toilets in each room, so please use the communal bathrooms and shower rooms. Each shower room has shampoo and body soap. You may use the showers 24 hours a day, but please do not use the hair dryer after midnight, to respect our other guests.

Free Services
Wifi, Hair Dryer, PC, Tea, Shampoo&Body soap, Earplug, Alarm clock, Desk lamp
Rentals and Paid Services
Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer, Rental towel, Tooth brush set, Electronic Adapter, Rental Bicycle, Iron, Luggage Storage


Check-In: 16:00-21:00
Check-Out: 10:30

*Please inquire with us in advance regarding early check-in or late check-out.
*Once you have checked in, there is no curfew; you can enter and leave as you please.
*We can keep your luggage before and after check-in/out.
Check-in day/Check out day: FREE
Any other days: JPY300 per night


Please make full payment when you check in.
*Credit card payment will be accepted for payment of 10,000yen and above (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).


Reservations can be made up to 4 months in advance.

Our cancellation policy is detailed below.

3 days before arrival : 30%
2 days before arrival : 50%
1 day before arrival : 80%
On the date of arrival : 100%
Without notification in advance (NO SHOW) : 100%

*Since we are small guesthouse, we do not take reservations greater than 5 people per group.
*We don’t accept reservations for preschool children.
We appreciate your understanding.


The entrance door has a key and it will be locked after hours. Also each bed room has a key.
Our staff members stay during the night after closing.


We have female staff and we have female facilities (shower and toilet).


The Shopping Street and local market, are only a few minutes walk away from the Guesthouse. It has a very local atmosphere with almost 400 stores catering to daily necessities, delicatessens and restaurants.
Kobe Harborland, Ijinkan, Chinatown, Kobe port and Nada Sake Breweries, are all just a few stops from the nearest station.
Kyoto, Osaka, Himeji, Arima Onsen and Awaji Island is only about 1 hour by train, bus or ferry.

Things to enjoy around our guesthouse.

  • 神戸といえばパン屋さん
    In The Morning #1
    Kobe is famous for bread. Kobe port was opened in 1868 and many new culture from abroad came into Kobe and became popular. That's why there are many bakeries in Kobe and also around Guesthouse MAYA. Let’s enjoy the fresh morning air and go get bread, which is a good start of your day.
  • もう1つ神戸発祥で、親しみ深い飲み物、それが”コーヒー”です。
    In The Morning #2
    Kobe has one more famous thing that became popular from Kobe and everyone knows, which is “coffee”. Kobe has a lot of cafes like retro-styled, stylish cafe and so on. Of course there are many cafes around us. You can buy coffee to go and enjoy it at Guesthouse MAYA or you can have breakfast at cafe.
  • 灘温泉
    In The Morning #3
    Do you want to refresh from the morning? Then we recommend you Nada-onsen which is open from 5 a.m. You can take a bath and buy delicious bread on your way back to MAYA. This is very Nada things.
  • なぎさ公園
    In The Late Morning
    If you have a time in the morning, how about taking a walk to the Nagisa park? When you walk to the seaside from JR Nada station, you find Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. Then you walk around to the right, you can meet Sun sister.
  • 水道筋商店街
    In The Afternoon #1
    Afternoon is for a discovery of Nada. If you want to meet the local, you should go to Suidousuji market street. You can find what the local’s daily life is. It’s fun to look around, talk with people, walk and eat food. Suidousuji is perfect place for your trip.
  • 王子動物園
    In The Afternoon #2
    Are you an animal lover? Then let’s go to the Oji Zoo. This zoo is the only one zoo that has both of pandas and koalas in Japan.( as of 2017) And you can enjoy not only the animal but also the small amusement park, ferris wheel and Ijinkan.
  • 美術館
    In The Afternoon #3
    If it’s raining, it’s the best day for art (Of course even it’s not raining!) There are two art museums : Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art and Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art. They may make your day artistic.
  • 灘高架下エリア
    In The Afternoon #4
    Nada is mixed old and new places. One of new places is “Nada koukashita area (koukashita is under railway)”.
    Many artists have their own shops there. You may find a special product made in Kobe.
  • 酒蔵巡り
    The Afternoon #5
    Do you like Sake? Then do you know Nada is famous for Sake? Nada have had pure water and good rice for a long time, that’s why it still has many sake breweries. So you can visit there and try sake tasting. The best route to the nearest sake brewery is along Togagawa.
  • 摩耶山
    In The Late Afternoon
    It’s time to go to Mt. MAYA after you enjoy Nada. Mt. MAYA has one of the top 3 night-views in Japan. How to go : Take a Saka bus at Nada station and go to Maya cable station, and take a cable car and ropeway to the top. You can find Kikuseidai on the top of the mountain, which is the best place to see the whole Kobe city and the night view. If you go up there before sunset, you can see both the day and night views.
  • 居酒屋やお洒落なバー
    In The Evening
    You don’t have a time to sleep if you want to find a deeper spot in Nada. A local izakaya, stylish bar and good restaurant. Many interesting and good restaurants here. When you have dinner and sake at a restaurant where only local people go ,have a good conversation with them and laugh together, the experience make your trip better and deeper.


  • 路線マップ

  • 周辺案内図
  • From Nada station(JR)

    Turn left after you exit the ticket gate, you'll see the East-North Exit.
    Go out of the East-North Exit and cross the crosswalk on your left side.
    Walk north towards to Oji zoo.
    After around 1minute, you'll see a railway bridge.
    Turn right and go along the railway bridge.
    After around 30 seconds, you'll see a book store on your right side.
    Keep going that way and you can easily find Guesthouse MAYA.

  • From Oji-koen Station(Hankyu-line)

    Go out the Wext Exit and cross the crosswalk on your left side.
    Follow the road between Seven-Eleven and the railway bridge.
    After around 2 minutes, you can find Guesthouse MAYA on your left side.

  • From Iwaya station(Hanshin-line)

    Go out the Exit, you'll see a Seven-Eleven on your right side.
    Turn right at the Seven-Eleven, you'll see JR Nada station.
    Go up to the 2nd floor and Go out the East-North Exit.
    (From here, please see directions for "From Nada station (JR)")